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Last updated Thursday, May 24th, 2018 by Jeff

Jeff Darlington crash-landed on the planet Earth near Beckley, WV, USA, in May of 1974. Adopted by a kind, loving couple, he was raised into human society and treated as one of their own, despite his occasional tendency to drink Drano. While excelling in education and amazing his instructors, he never could seem to get himself a date. He graduated from high school in 1992 and was accepted at West Virginia University Institute of Technology, determined to become a chemical engineer. Two years later, he realized that chemical engineering wasn’t his calling (and he didn’t want to make vast quantities of ammonia for the rest of his life), so he changed his major to computer science, graduating in 1997. He was quickly hired by IBM Global Services, despite his annoying lack of ability to do anything productive. In June of 1998, he married his one and only love, his beloved Keri, whom he knew since high school. They have one son, Benjamin, who was born in mid-2006. Jeff currently works for HealthSmart developing (among other things) Java and .NET Web applications for the health care industry.

Jeff began drawing at an early age, scrawling demented stick figures on church bulletins and any other spare piece of paper. In 1985, he created his first original comic book character, which he still plans to publish… eventually. Currently, the closets in both his parents’ house and his own home are filled with several forests worth of sketches and drawings, each of which he claims he will “finally do something with that some day.” He has no formal art training aside from classes taken in high school, but somehow still thinks that he has something worth giving to the world. He is perhaps most infamous for creating General Protection Fault, the online comic strip that has been running (almost) continuously without fail or hiatus since November of 1998. GPF was consistently one of Keenspot’s top most popular comic strips from joining the network in 2000 until returning to independence in 2008, and it continues to entertain tens of thousands of loyal readers daily. GPF books have been available sporadically over the years, published by such groups as Plan Nine Publishing and Moonbase Press.

Jeff is very much a geek of many talents. While he is obviously interested in computers, creative writing, and art, he also enjoys dabbling in music, photography, video editing, board and card games, computer gaming, and many, many other things. He is very fond of his cats, Randi the Wonder Kitty (who passed away in 2010), Kiki the Boo Wonder, Tilley: Kitty of Mystery, and Samantha: Feline of Destruction. He has far too many computers for his own good.

And for the record, this Jeff is not the same Jeff Darlington working as a sportswriter for the Miami Herald. This is the Jeff Darlington who draws geeky comics on the Internet. Our Jeff tends to work professionally as “Jeffrey T. Darlington”, which is a bit more of a mouthful but a tiny bit more distinguishing. That said, we do like his parents’ choice in names….