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For full contact information, please write to the address above. Copies of this résumé can be made available in Microsoft Word, OpenDocument, PDF, HTML, or plain text formats upon request.

Current Status: Employed
I am not currently actively looking for employment. However, I am always willing to entertain serious offers under the right conditions. I am also trying to move away from working with BusinessObjects and FOCUS, so offers for such positions will likely be ignored.


Programmer and Software Engineer with 20 years of professional software development experience. Skilled in multiple programming languages, operating systems, and development and relational database platforms.  Comfortable working alone or in team environments to continuously develop new and distinctive application solutions.  Creative and inventive thinker with a history of unique, time saving, and cost cutting solutions.  Several years of telecommuting experience working for remote customers.

Computer Languages, Operating Systems, and Software Packages

Work Experience

HealthSmart Benefit Solutions, Charleston, WV
July 2014 – Present
Web Developer

  • Maintained and enhanced Web-based claims processing system in ASP.NET/C# and SQL Server 2008 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012/2013 to assist claims examiners in the federal World Trade Center First Responders health program. Site exported and imported MS Excel spreadsheets to facilitate claim data exchange with participating hospitals.
  • Maintained and enhanced WebSphere-based Third-Party Administrator (TPA) health care portal used by hundreds of thousands of employee members, client HR representatives, and health care providers.
  • Maintained and enhanced Java-based application reading a SQL Server 2008 database to generate 837 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files for the federal World Trade Center First Responders health program.

TEKsystems/ManTech International, Hinton, WV
June 2006 – March 2014
Senior Software Developer

  • Developed Web-based content management system in ASP.NET/C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Designed back-end database for CMS in SQL Server 2005.
  • Developed computer based training site ELISOnline for United States Navy Reserve.
  • Lead in designing CORDRA and ADL-R implementations for ELISOnline.
  • Recorded voice-over narration for several CBTs for U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve.
  • Designed and developed Web-based applications for U.S. Defense Logistics Agency in ASP.NET/C# using Visual Studio 2010, including interface to import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, validate the data, and load said data into an Oracle database.  Developed applications to manage customer/contract relationships and to transfer files via SFTP.

Infinite Computer Solutions, Germantown, MD
October – December 2003, June – August 2004, March 2005 – May 2006
I/T Specialist

  • Redesigned user authentication system for Web-based time reporting system to bring it up to SOX compliance. Used Perl CGI scripts to update Informix database.
  • Upgraded time reporting system’s old NCSA Web server to Apache 2.x using OpenSSL to implement secure Web server. Used advanced Apache configuration scripting to secure entire directory structures.
  • Implemented several data feeds using UNIX shell scripting and SQL to access Informix and Oracle databases. Feeds were transmitted via cron-scheduled Connect:Direct.
  • Programmed several UNIX-based WebFOCUS reports for executive analysis to determine employee eligibility for secondary compensation. Reports were part of larger pre-existing WebFOCUS application. Reports were connected to user interface developed by another member of the team.
  • Created data feed to outside vendor for termination of postal accounts no longer needed. Feed developed in UNIX FOCUS with output format of MS Excel and run on monthly cron. Spreadsheet was then e-mailed to vendor address using UNIX shell script.
  • Provided user support for existing BusinessObjects infrastructure

Quick Solutions, Charlotte, NC
February – May 2003
I/T Specialist

IBM-Global Services, Greensboro, NC
May 1997 – December 2002
I/T Specialist

  • Developed and implemented series of international and domestic reports for client Lucent Technologies using BusinessObjects.
  • Developed user interface for reporting platform in FOCUS Six for Windows. Became lead programmer of same project. Project combined a Windows-based GUI which accessed text data files on MVS mainframe. Reports generated were displayed on Windows client. Also created FOCUS-formatted table of user-customizable data on mainframe that users could maintain through GUI in client.
  • Developed advanced, corporate wide reports in FOCUS 7 for MVS/TSO. Report combined data from large number on PeopleSoft tables into single employee profile. Because of report complexity, it was executed in small subsections, which were then pieced together via MVS sorting routines. Report ran in batch mode for large number of employees (i.e. entire department) and forwarded output to line printer through JCL.


Bachelor of Science – Computer Science
West Virginia University Institute of Technology
Montgomery, WV

Company Sponsored Training

  • BusinessObjects 4.0.5.x: User, Designer, and Supervisor modules
  • FOCUS Six and WebFOCUS: Advanced Reporting Techniques and Graphical User Interface Design
  • System Testing and Quality Assurance Techniques
  • PeopleSoft 8: PeopleTools I & II, PeopleCode, Integration Tools, Application Engine, Query/Crystal Reporting, PeopleSoft Security

Personal Development Projects

Web Development

  • Philosophy: Fast, compatible, and user-friendly. Don’t bloat a site with clutter when the information is what’s important.
  • Prefer hand-coded HTML/XHTML as opposed to editors that create incompatible code.
  • CGI coding experience in Perl, ASP.NET (C#), PHP.
  • Experience with Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.x and up, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla 1.x, Firefox 1.x and up, Opera 5.x and up, Google Chrome, Apple Safari for Windows and iOS, various WebKit-based mobile browsers.
  • Extensive experience with Apache 1.3.x and 2.x, as well as Apache mod_rewrite and mod_ssl.  Some experience with Microsoft IIS.
  • Experience with WordPress 1.x-4.x, XCache 1.2.x-3.2.x, Memcached, Zend OPcache, Trac, MediaWiki 1.12.x-1.28.x, and phpBB 2.x-3.x
  • Example: General Protection Fault,
    • Coded almost entirely by hand in PHP, Perl, and MySQL/MariaDB
    • Modular design promotes code reuse and consistent user experience
    • Multi-level data abstraction and caching makes database-drive site respond almost as quickly as static HTML

Google Android Development

  • Released and maintain Open Source applications in Google Play Store
  • Familiar with Android SDK, Eclipse, and Android Virtual Device emulator
  • Additional unreleased projects under development (links available upon request)

Additional Skills

  • Artistically talented; part-time cartoonist.
  • Extensive experience with Paint Shop Pro 3.x through 7.x; some experience with Adobe Photoshop 5.x and CS2.
  • Experience with Adobe Flash 5 and 8.
  • Published author with five books (all currently out of print).


Available upon request.