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The Linked List

Last updated Thursday, July 11th, 2019 by Jeff

GPF Links

The GPF empire:

  • General Protection Fault: Jeff’s online comic
  • GPF Link-O-Rama: Plenty of links there, so no need to repeat them here
  • GPF Forum: For discussing GPF, as well as this blog
  • GPF Store: For supporting the comic through merchandise
  • GPF books: GPF on convenient dead trees
  • Jeff on Twitter: My random, stream-of-consciousness chatter reduced into 140 280 character chunks
  • GPF Comics on Twitter: “Official” GPF tweets, mostly about comic updates but sometimes including important site-related news needing rapid dissemination
  • GPF on Facebook: Our official home on the Big Blue F. Essentially a combination of my personal and GPF official Twitter feeds, only with better integrated discussion threads and without the fanciful handles
  • Jeff on Cryptography for everyone. hopes to make public-key crypto easier for mere mortals to use.

Webcomics Cohorts

Those guilty by association, having been linked with GPF in one manner or another over the years:

  • Keenspot: GPF’s former Web host and a repository of the best *@%# comics on the Web
  • Comic Genesis: Keenspot’s free online hosting service for webcomics, hosting thousands of new and fresh talents

Open Source Development

Outside my day job and my programming work to support the comic, I dabble a bit on Open Source software development. Here are a few of the projects I currently maintain:

  • GPFJeff on GitHub: My GitHub profile, such as it is, including links to a number of my Open Source projects, including some listed below (and a some that aren’t)
  • Mandelbrot Madness!: A free Mandelbrot and Julia set renderer complete with parameter file support, zooming, Mandelbrot-to-Julia set derivation, and a color palette editing. Available for Java and Microsoft .NET
  • WinHasher: Cryptographic hash or digest generator written in C# using Microsoft’s .NET 2.0 Framework
  • Cryptnos: Multi-platform application for generating strong, pseudo-random passwords using cryptographic hashes. Currently available for .NET and Android (available in the Google Play), coming soon for Java, and with a limited-feature online version as well.
  • Perfect Paper Passwords for Android: Android client for Perfect Paper Passwords

 Christian Links

Helpful links and Christian resources:

  • BibleGateway.Com: Tons of Bible translations in many languages, all online and easily searchable
  • Laridian Bible Software: Awesome Bible software for Windows, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iPhone/iPod/iPad (sadly, not Android yet)
  • Josh.Org: The official website for Josh McDowell’s ministry. Especially useful for its apologetics resources

Computing and Technology Links

Various technology links that I find useful or I think deserve sharing:

  • Fedora Linux: Jeff’s current favorite distro
  • Because the software industry had it coming.
  • The Internet:
    • Mozilla Firefox: A real Web browser for real people
    • Mozilla Thunderbird: Reclaim your inbox
    • PuTTY: One of, if not the best SSH clients available for Windows (and UN*X). One of the first third-party pieces of software I install on trusted computers.
    • WinSCP: This has replaced FileZilla as my current favorite SFTP client. It doesn’t do regular FTP It now supports regular FTP, but more importantly it does public key authentication, which more important to me now. Open Source, of course.
    • Pidgin: Why use five or more IM clients when only one is needed? Formerly known as GAIM, I’ve switched to using the Open Source Pidgin over my old favorite, Trillian, in part because the former is free, but also because development on the latter has been extremely slow and snapshots of the next version appear to have too much eye candy bloat for my tastes.
  • Cryptography:
    • GNU Privacy Guard: For the paranoid tin foil hat wearer in all of us
    • Enigmail: The glue that lets Thunderbird and GnuPG talk together
    • OpenKeychain: A GnuPG app for Google Android
    • Secrets for Android: Securely store and manage passwords and secrets on your Android device
    • Off-the-Record Messaging: Encrypt your IMs with strong public key cryptography. A Pidgin plugin is available on the site, as well as a proxy for virtually any AIM client and a library/toolkit for including into other IM clients.
    • Pidgin-Encryption: Transparently encrypt your instant messages in Pidgin with RSA encryption
    • Keybase: Started off as a service to simplifying unifying your online identity with your PGP key, but has since morphed into an end-to-end encrypted team collaboration tool.
  • Programming:
  • Android Apps I Heartily Endorse:
    • ConnectBot: SSH client for Android. Essential for helping me maintain the GPF server farm.
    • The Hacker’s Keyboard: Awesome replacement keyboard, especially for essential keys missing from the stock Android keyboard
    • handyCalc: Powerful free calculator with an insane number of features, including unit and currency conversions
    • Remember the Milk: Smart to-do app with syncing across multiple devices and platforms. (Syncing requires a subscription fee.)
    • K-9 Mail: Awesome mail client that includes built-in support for OpenKeychain (mentioned above).
    • Business Calendar Pro: An excellent alternative to the built-in calendar app, in that it looks and feels more like the Web-based Google Calendar than Google’s own app does. There is a free version for those who wish to try before they buy.
    • Google Authenticator: TOTP two-factor authentication app from the fine folks at Google. Highly recommended for all Google accounts, as well as any service the supports TOTP 2FA.
    • Total Commander: No-frills file manager for Android. Supports plugins to add support for SMB, (S)FTP, Google Drive, WebDAV, and more.
    • Barcode Scanner: No-frills barcode (UPC, QR Code, etc.) scanner from the folks at ZXing, whose code most of the other barcode scanners are using anyway.
    • SimpleMind Pro: Awesome mind-mapping app that helped me nail down the plots of several major story arcs, especially GPF’s Scylla and Charybdis. There’s a free version to test drive.

Interesting Places Where Jeff has Worked

Current and former employers or clients I have worked for:

Friends of Jeff

People of note… mostly for their unfortunate association to me. Pity them.

  • Beakers and Cauldrons: The blog of my friend Dennis, who is a buddy of mine from junior high through college. Warning: He likes Harry Potter. A lot.
  • SunYam Notes: A Pixton comic by an old friend of mine.